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Journeys, Magnet Gallery, 2024

Journeys, Magnet Gallery 2024

Old & New.jpeg

Old & New, 2023

Air, Land & Sea

Air Land & Sea, Miracle Exhibition, 2022


Julia, Solarised image from a medium format camera

A Violent Peace.jpg

A Violent Peace - Series

Four Seasons  on One Page.jpg

Trees - Honorary Mention from the NYC4P, 2022

The Last Time Angelica Danced For Me.jpg

The Last Time Angelica Danced For Me - Series, 2020

Ivan and Lillian_small.jpg
Happy Travellers copy.jpg
That Ticketing System! copy.jpg

Strangers I Met on the Train

Ivan & Lillian
Finalist Nat Portrait Gallery, 2012

Together We Can Work It Out

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